How it Works

We have lots of platter options, something to fit every occation

- How much should you order? -

1 lb. of cheese feeds aproximately 6-8 people

So,  you build your plate according to you what you like.

2 pieces, 1/2 lb. each
3 pieces, 1/3 lb. each
4 quarter lb. pieces

4 pieces, 1/2 lb. each would feed aproximately 12 - 16 people.

Stop in for a taste and build your platter, or let us do it for you  

Check out our website for some of our most popular combinations!


Slates make a beautiful cheese presentation and come in 2 sizes.

Slates must be returned to American Cheese, or purchased at retail price
* 2 sizes available for purchase
3 Cheeses, 1/3 lb. each 
4 Cheeses, 1/2 lb. each 


Our Bamboo plates and patters are environmentally friendly and disposable!

2 sizes available